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Welcome to my construction company, a one-stop solution for construction services. At Otis Construction LLC, I am committed to delivering the highest quality construction service in Meriden, CT in the industry for all your building needs. With attention to every tiny detail, I ensure that my construction services are top-notch in quality and exceed all your expectations. As a firm believer in the maxim, ‘practice makes perfect,’ I leverage my industry knowledge and years of experience to achieve great results.

My Services 



As an experienced ceramic specialist, I provide a myriad of ceramic solutions tailored to meet unique individual needs. Utilizing my mastery of different ceramic types, my work spans from tiling, pottery, kitchenware, and decorative pieces, to bathroom fixtures. My exemplary commitment enables me to create detailed and durable ceramic installations with an enduring imprint on style and functionality. With my artisan skills, I can help bring your ideas to life while blending them meticulously with practicality.
Rock Installation

Rock Installation

When it comes to natural aesthetics, my proficiency in rock installation is unparalleled. This rock construction company service revolves around designing, arranging, and installing different types of rocks in various settings. Whether it is a serene garden pathway, a grand outdoor fireplace, or a magnificent rock wall, I can transform any space into your dream haven. My rock installations are value-adding, long-lasting, and designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment.


My painting service is all about bestowing your walls with an impeccable splash of color or texture that resonates with your taste. Guided by professional training and an artistic eye, I have a knack for transforming dull spaces into captivating surroundings. By carefully listening to my clients and understanding their vision, I ensure my color schemes, styles, and techniques perfectly align with their expectations. Whether you desire a bold and dramatic ambiance or a calm and cozy atmosphere, I can offer innovative painting solutions that reflect your personality and enhance your space.


Offering comprehensive roofing services, I take pride in protecting and enhancing your home by providing a solid, dependable roof. My knowledge spans roofing materials and designs to suit architectural styles and climate needs. From installation of a new roof with careful consideration of underlying structures and insulation to maintenance and repair of existing roof designs, I ensure you get a sturdy, leak-proof, and aesthetically pleasing roof. My roofing solutions are designed for long-term performance, reducing your need for frequent upgrades or replacements.

Otis Construction LLC
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Perks of my services:

Therefore, I guarantee transparency, integrity, and honesty in all aspects of my work. It’s my constant endeavor to provide you with superior quality yet cost-effective construction solutions that enhance the aesthetics of your space and cater to your specific needs. You’ll receive exceptional quality work and superior customer service. I take immense pride in every project I undertake, putting my heart and soul into it, ensuring the final structure reflects my vision and personality.

Otis Construction LLC‘s working process:

Analyzing your unique construction demands is my first step towards providing an unmatched complete construction service. I ensure that my construction service is deeply personalized to your specific requirements. I do everything from creating robust designs to laying a firm foundation to erecting the strongest structures in record time without compromising quality. Each step in this process is executed with precision and incredible passion, ensuring that the final structure stands the test of time.

Other Areas

The services are available in these places:

  • Wallingford Center, CT; 
  • Hamden, CT; 
  • Southington Town, CT; 
  • Naugatuck Town, CT; 
  • Cheshire Town, CT;
  • Hartford, CT;
  • Middletown, CT;
  • Springfield, MA;
  • Yalesville, CT;
  • Middlefield, CT;

Let me assist you in bringing your dream project to life with my reliable construction service. Why wait? Contact me today at (203) 547-2706 in Meriden, CT, and together, let’s build spaces that are both functional and inspire awe.


by Bernice Henry on Otis Construction LLC
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